[Business is Fight] - solo fronte


This is our first publication directly addressed to an international audience: we are proud of this new “step beyond”. Our publishing company is not mainly directed to the specific field of the present work, even if we have some publication, in this XLG series, relating management matters. But above all we know very well Joe, and we substantially agree with him about his “martial” way of understanding – and playing his own role within – business, sports, arts and, generally speaking, life.

Personally, the first time I read the draft of the present work, I’ve found it very strong, mainly for the accuracy of its Method, which is undoubtedly a Martial Method. In the story of the author, Martial Arts have been a real focus, and have deeply influenced his way of life. Business is competition, not only with third parties, with competitors, but also, and mainly, with the own goals of the people doing their own business. Therefore, business is very similar in many aspects to fight. When Joe entered into the Business dynamics, he kept intact his fighting attitude, not only in form of an aggressive, while reasoned, behavior, but also in terms of deep e powerful analysis of the context, with a spread application of the acquired skills in strategy and tactic.

However, when I’ve finished to read the draft, I’ve found that the work was lacking of an important issue for an increasing number of companies worldwide, that is to say the Intellectual Property (IP) rights. I work in IP matters from the early ‘90s, and I always hoped to have the opportunity to explain, with few technical terms, WHAT IP rights are and WHY they have to be carefully considered and managed. By this way, I proposed to Joe to include an article of few pages, giving a practical overview on IP rights, and suggesting the development of a specific management position. Joe, according to his Method, accepted the offer of a resource which not only proposed a solution, but mainly indicated the problem. I showed him a new battlefield, and he simply told me “OK man, then it’s your business going through this, isn’t it?” Yes, it was my business, and business, definitely, is fight.

By this way, you have now this book, bearing the fighting attitude of its author and that of its publishing house, both always ready for every new challenge. Enjoy your reading, go deeply through it, and remember: fight, just like business, is mainly an exchange of energy.


Marco Porsia